GOLDCO Fiberglass & Fiberglassfun 

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All prices are subject to change, current prices are in the Purchase Center.
Products will be available to be picked up/shipped in 4-6 weeks 
after payment is received (Effective March 1, 2016).

Please purchase slides, ladders, water spouts, local delivery, shipping, car parts etc. in our Purchase Center.

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We manufacture playground slides for houseboats, pontoon boats,decks, play houses, swing sets, hills, rock walls, offices, docks, in your house. 

We manufacture
 vintage after-market car parts for:
1971-77 Toyota Celicas and 1964-68 Ford Mustangs
Contact Ralph for details about ordering car parts (801-773-3213).

Contact Isaac for help with ordering slides (801-499-4616).


Please look at "Picture gallery" tab for more photos of each item.

Fiberglass playground slides

8-ft slide with approximately 
800-900 lbs on it at once
Red 14, Green 12,  Blue 10, Yellow 10
 Slides: Red (14-ft), Green (12-ft), 
Blue (10-ft), Yellow (10-ft)
14-ft slide with approximately 
650 lbs on it at once
 Slides: Red (14-ft), Green (12-ft), 
Blue (10-ft), Yellow (10-ft)
12ft slide with people
12-ft slide with approximately 
800-900 lbs on it at once
14 ft slide with three people

For safety reasons:

 Do Not Try This at Home!






deck height 
for slide
Slide cost

Ladder cost

Slide + Ladder cost
Approx weight of the slides
 8 ft
 4 ft
  50-70 lbs 
 10 ft
 5 ft
 50-70 lbs 
 12 ft
 6 ft
 60-80 lbs 
 14 ft
 7 ft
   80-100 lbs 
 16 ft*
 8 ft
 140-160 lbs
 18 ft
 9 ft
 160-180 lbs
 20 ft*
 10 ft
 180-200 lbs
 22 ft
 12 ft
 200-220 lbs
 32 ft
 13-16 ft
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 Water slide 
(turns left at end)
 Water slide 
(goes straight at end)


Standard colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White, Gray

Custom colors:    Available - call for choices ($300.00 additional charge) 

Notes on slides:

  • *16-foot slides and bigger have reinforcements in them, which is why the prices are higher.
  • *16-foot and 20-foot slides will take 3 months after payment before slide is ready for shipping/delivery or pick up.
  • Slides larger than 32 feet are custom made to order - call for pricing

Look at "slide mounting information" tab for instructions and more information.

Note: Ladders are sold separately.


free standing Red 22ft slide with people
free standing Red 22ft slide

                                            22 ft slides with approx 900-1000 lbs on it at once


Optional water spouts make a water slide, super fun!

(Additional charge of $75 for each water spout)

water spout in slide

Water spout in a water slide

water spout with hose hook up

Water spout (with hose hook up) $65

water spout for slides
Water spout (No hose hook up) $55

Water slides/Houseboat slides

blue water slide
straight water slides with ladder
straight water slide

These slides: straight and left turn (we don't have a right turn)

Water spouts available (sold separately)

Water Slides: Straight $1,250; Left turn $1,250 (and water slide ladders are available for $1100.00)

left water slides with ladder
letf water slide
left turn water slide