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This is for a straight water slide 12 feet long. (The recommeded height is 6 feet).


*The slide needs to sit at half of the length of the slide (example: 14ft sits at a 7ft height, 22ft sits at a 11ft height)



The slide needs to be bolted with an angle iron.


Please refer to slide-mounting & shipping tab for more information. This sale is only for the slide nothing else is included NO SHIPPING, NO LADDER, NO WATER SPOUT you must purchase everything else you need/want. This is for the SLIDE ONLY.


Colors available:

Standard colors: White or Gray, at the normal cost of the slide. (shades of Colors may vary from what they are in the pictures). Custom colors: Other colors are available at an additional cost of $300 each slide. Please ask for color chart.


Ladders and water spouts:

Ladders are sold separately. See price list for costs. Purchase them in our Purchase center. Water spouts are sold separately. We will install water spouts in water slides and playground slides. Please Purchase them in the purchase center.

Waterslide 12ft straight

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