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Mounting the slide:

1. Position the top of the slide so that it is at a height of half of the length of the slide.

             Example: a 22 foot slide would be mounted at 11feet high; a 14 foot slide at 7  feet high; a 10 foot slide at 5 feet high, etc.
2. Ensure the top of the slide is sitting on something like an angle iron. It must be able to hold the weight of the slide and the people.  
3. Then, bolt the slide to wood or metal so it doesn't move or slip. 

Picking up, delivering or shipping the slide:

  • Most slides can be picked up or shipped within 5 weeks of payment received, but it may take longer for special orders.  
  • We have some slides in stock, with varying sizes and colors. 
  • This is shipping for the 8, 10, 12, or 14 foot slides only

    The slide will be shipped within 4 to 6 weeks after purchase. This slide will be shipped to the nearest shipping hub/terminal near you. You will have to go pick up the slide from the hub. Once the slide arrives you need to inspect it immediately for any damage. If there is any damage to the slide-DO NOT TAKE IT HOME, contact me immediately! Once you take the slide home there is no warranty of damage whatsoever, so you must inspect the slide at the terminal.

    Depending on where you live the hub may be 5 miles or 100 miles from your house. It will be shipped to the nearest hub for the price quoted. You MUST call us for a up to date quote. Prices for shipping change every day.

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Slide Specifications:

  • Sides of the slides = 4.5 inches tall
  • Inside width where you sit to slide down = 18 inches wide
  • Entire width of the slide = 24 inches wide, large enough for most adults.

Weight limit:

  • These slides will hold a lot of weight. We have had 7 adults on the 22 foot slide at one time (though this is not recommended for safety reasons).
  • The smaller slides will also hold a lot of weight, so the weight limit is what you feel is safe.

Colors available:

  • Standard colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, or Gray at the normal cost of the slide.
  • Custom colors: Other colors are available at an additional cost of $300 each slide. Please ask for color chart.

Ladders and water spouts
  • Ladders are sold separately or as part of a Stand-alone slide. See price list for costs. Purchase them in our web store.
  • Water spouts are sold separately at $75.00 each. Purchase them in our web store.

PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Cash, or credit card on web