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TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT 12-foot fiberglass water slide and water spout


This is a straight white water slide.  and with water spout

Ladders and water spouts:

Ladders are sold separately. See price list for costs. Purchase them in our Purchase center. Water spouts are sold separately at $65 each. We will install water spouts in water slides and playground slides. Please Purchase them in the purchase center.


Shipping or pick up:


The slide will be available to ship or pick up within three weeks or sooner after payment. The slide will be shipped to the shipping hub/terminal nearest you and YOU WILL HAVE TO PICK THE SLIDE UP FROM THE HUB, THE SLIDES WILL NOT BE SHIPPED TO YOUR HOUSE OR BUSINESS. YOU MUST CONTACT US TO SHIP IT TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS, IT WILL BE AN EXTRA $250 TO HAVE THE SLIDE SHIPPED TO YOUR BUSINESS OR HOUSE Please refer to slide-mounting-shipping page for more information.



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