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Ladder for 22 foot slide $ call for quote

This is for the ladder  ONLY



Slide Specifications:

Sides of the slides are 4.5 inches tall.

The inside width where you sit to slide down is 18 inches wide, large enough for most adults. Entire width of the slide is 24 inches wide.

The slide needs to sit at half of the length of the slide (example: 14ft sits at a 7ft height, 22ft sits at a 11ft height).

The slide needs to be bolted to your deck with an angle iron.

Please refer to slide-mounting & shipping tab for more information. 

The slides 16 feet or larger have reinforcements in the sides so they are more expensive.


Weight limit:

These slides will hold a lot of weight. We have had 7 adults on the 22 foot slide at one time (though this is not recommended for safety reasons). The smaller slides will also hold a lot of weight, so the weight limit is what you feel is safe, but recommended one person at a time.



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